Sunday, February 28, 2010

The six month mark

Today Dan's new kidney is six months old...He has been very fortunate to have had no problems, no rejection episodes, no colds, pneumonia, etc. We know that risks for all those things will always be there but it is comforting to have crossed this milestone without serious complications.

Our life has gone back to normal. Dan is cooking three times a week and I cook twice.

The memories of all the troubles with dialysis, finding a kidney donor etc are starting to fade, to what I say "thank you brain!'

If you are reading this and are in search of a donor, or with problems with dialysis please feel free to e mail us and we will very gladly try to share our experience.

If you are one of our supporting friends, THANKS!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Moving along

The last weeks have been so busy for me I haven't had time to update the blog... sorry. Medically, things are going well. the Drs are tweeking his meds and one of them has him shaking a little bit. Not his body, but his hands. So I imagine they will keep tweeking...

Today is Tuesday and Dan is going to work with me in the kitchen for a few hours to help me prep !!!! yeah! He went a couple of times last week. The first day he was ready to quit in about an hour and a half. The second time he felt great! he stayed for a couple plus hours. He still comes home and rests, but that is normal. So I imagine this week he will feel better. This week he will work the dining room from Wednesday through Saturday. Hopefully there won't be customers coughing because that could put him at risk. I guess we will play it by ear.

We will keep this blog four about a month and a half more. The three month mark is important, and after that hopefully things will be routine.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Staples out!!! Third post op visit

Dan had his third post-op visit today and the best part was that they removed his staples! Anyone who has had staples after surgery knows that days before the date when they are to be removed they become the main issue in your mind. They pull anytime you move, they hurt. So today was a good day! Dan said he immediately felt better...

We also found out the 'protocol' for the f word (flu x 2= H1N1 and seasonal). He can't have the immunizations because, in Dr. wolf's words, "it would be like giving you saline" So the plan will be to avoid crowds for at least 3 months and if someone is coughing where he is, run like hell! No, not really, but almost. He shouldn't go into the dining room a Tierra if someone has been coughing and he should go places at off times -like the movies (matinee) or Starbucks (2 pm). What that means for us is that he probably will come back to work in the kitchen first and work in the dining room on slow nights.

It was information we needed to get and it is okay. He has his future back and I got my husband for many years to come thanks to the gift Kathie gave us. It's awesome!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pictures we'd like to share

Kathie and Dan

Kathie and Dan's family

Dan leaves the hospital

Second Post-op visit

Dan had a follow up appointment this morning. Dr. Wolf said he is doing well, even though his creatanine was a bit higher than last Friday. Creatanine measures the waste in the body, so it is a very important number in the lab reports. Not to worry, said Dr. Wolf, they expect that it will fluctuate a bit.

One of the most important things he needs to do now (besides taking his meds on time) is drink lots of water. Dr. Wolf said that if Dan drinks coffee, he needs to add to his water consumption. So instead of 64 oz he will have to drink 74 oz plus...
Well, he has to keep that kidney working and hydrated!

We re-opened the restaurant yesterday, so I will not be at home with Dan. For now his sister Leah is here from California and next week he should be fine by himself.
He will also feel like having more visitors which will break the monotony. It's great to know that all is well!!!